The Online Classroom

The Online Classroom – How Students Receive Instruction and Demonstrate

  • Students enrolled in eSACS will log in to their Canvas accounts on Monday mornings and receive a weekly module for each course they are taking.
  • Weekly modules are released, but will not unlock, until the student has fully completed the work assigned the previous week.
  • Each module identifies the learning targets for the week, then presents new content knowledge and skills delivered via digital lectures and assigned readings.
  • Immediately following this instruction, students take an instant-feedback quiz to evaluate how well they have learned the material.
  • When the students have demonstrated mastery, they go on to complete the assignments, discussions, activities, and assessments designed to provide practice with and acquisition of the targeted learning.
  • Each item within the module remains locked until the previous item has been completed.
  • All weekly modules must be fully completed and submitted by Friday evening.