Student Participation/Attendance

Students enrolled in the eSACS Virtual School are expected to spend approximately 25-30 hours per week completing their course modules. While study time is flexible, students MUST demonstrate consistent progress toward completion of the coursework. Parents can monitor the current status of their student's pacing by clicking on the GRADES link, located on the Canvas menu bar within each course.

Students and parents will receive an email communication if the student did not complete and submit all of their assigned work during the previous week.

Students who do not complete all missing work prior to the designated late-work due date on the following Friday will have not met progress expectations for two consecutive weeks and therefore will be considered truant. A Virtual Academy truancy email will be sent advising the parents that they have 3 days to make contact with the counselor to receive a plan for getting the student back in compliance with the course pacing. Failure to contact the staff will result in immediate truancy filing with the local authorities.

Students who have been placed on a return to compliance schedule, but fail to meet the expectations set forth in that plan, or have a second instance later in the same semester of not fully completing their modules during two consecutive weeks, could be withdrawn from the program and transferred back to their originating school at the beginning of the next grading period.