Web 2.0 Definitions


http://The 21st Century Classroom must prepare and allow students to learn and engage with a skill set that will allow them to success in both college and eventual career. SACS must strive not to be just a leader in Indiana, but across the country if our students are going to be competitive in the future economy of our country. Learning important skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking is essential along with the important content that serves as a foundation. In order to accomplish this SACS teachers are integrating web tools to promote this necessary facilitation allowing our students to become familiar with skills that will be required in the post K12 experience. We encourage parents to examine the different tools and discuss their use with their children. While we promote proper digital citizenship at school we encourage the same to happen at home whether it be a school laptop, cell phone, or a home device. In the space below these tools are listed with a link, description, approval status, Terms of Agreement, and their Privacy Policy.
Key Definitions

AUP - Also known as the district's Acceptable Use Policy. This document covers the expectation and use of technology and related internet resources for students in the district. Please take some time to explore this link to the document.
Web 2.0 - This is a term that is referred to describing websites that allow for user interaction. They are not just a one way street that are only providers of information, but a two way interactive street allowing the user to also create and produce.
SACS Approved Site from AUP - This is a website that is approved for use in SACS through the AUP. It is either purchased or subscribed to by the school system as support for curriculum and infrastructure. The district AUP allows for student use. Parents should be aware of the AUP.
SACS Approved Site with Parent Permission from Registration - This is a website that is approved for use in SACS and requires parent permission. This permission is granted when registering a child at SACS. This specific item is highlighted in the registration form online. Please check Powerschool for these parent permissions. Not all parents may have agreed... so it is important to check.
SACS Pilot Site... Parent Permission from student class is needed - This is a website that is being piloted in SACS or it has been determined through the vetting process that additional permission is need. In this case teachers will send home an addition permission form that is to be filled out and kept on file in the teacher's classroom.
Terms - Often called Terms Of Use, this is the information published by a website stating rules and regulations for use of the site.
Privacy - Often referred to as Privacy Statement, this is a statement by the website stating what information they will share.

Other Key Points

It is important to note that SACS has determined there to be two types of interactive websites. These include those that require a student log in and account and those that do not. The sites that do not require log in (example... Google Search Engine) are not specified below and could be used in the classroom. When using such a site students must remember to not use personal identifying information.

The other type of site that require a student account are listed below. In some cases this account is made by the school system or teacher and in other cases it will be made by the parent. Ones to be created by a parent stae so in the description. In regards to this type of website, we ask that the student limit their information to their name. An exception would be sites that are SACS Approved Sites from AUP which is defined above.

Please note that is is an ever growing list and will include future web tools as they are vetted and approved by the district. We encourage parents to also go through their own vetting process at home as their children sign up for websites to use.

Login Credentials

Web 2.0 sites generally require information on students to provide them login credentials. Typical is first name, last name, email address, password. Below will be the method SACS uses to provide that information.

Grades 3-5 [students under 13]
First Name = actual first name Last Name = last name initial then secondary student identification [Grad Yr + 5 digit random number] Example: c452200001 Password = See your teacher.

Grades 6-12
First Name = actual first name Last Name = actual last name Password = locker combination

Email addresses:
[email protected] In the event we have the same for both, we will use the last two digits of their student number.

Disclaimer: Although every effort was made to check on the legality of use with SACS students, something may have been overlooked resulting in the status changing. In addition, website policies may also dictate a change of status.