Digital Learning

Welcome to the Future ...... Welcome To Southwest Allen County Schools And Digital Learning!

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Imagine a classroom where every students has the ability to learn, create, innovate, explore, inquire, and plan beyond their classroom walls and connect to the real world. Envision a learning environment where perseverance, flow, rigor, and knowledge are facilitated by authentic and engaging learning experience. Think for a moment of students acquiring and practicing important college and workplace skills while building a foundation of essential content. Explore the possibilities of each child owning their learning experience while seeing and exploring real relationships between curriculum and world. Imagine a learning culture that allows students to explore and prepare for an adventure of life long learning while becoming ready for an exciting yet competitive post K12 experience. Welcome to the the Southwest Allen County Schools Digital Learning Initiative. Welcome to the future!

At this site you can explore programs that make Southwest Allen County schools a leader in the state and nation. We invite you to investigate our 1 to 1 program, learn more about the many websites SACS students will be using, discover some of SACS newest programs and initiatives, become knowledgeable about digital citizenship, view an informative video, and explore the possibilities through our ongoing blog. Enjoy your journey and welcome to our future!