Scrip 2017-2018

Dear Parents!

We are excited to bring Scrip back to you this school year! For those that are not familiar with Scrip, it is a fundraiser for the Aboite PTC where you or your family members purchase gift cards through our Scrip program and the Aboite PTC recieves 3 - 15% of the face value of the gift card depending on the retailer. This is a great way to direct dollars to the Aboite PTC at no extra cost to you.

Why Scrip is Better for Families

  1. There are over 700 brands to choose from, so they can use scrip on practically every purchase.
  2. Scrip is a great budgeting tool since families can use scrip for gasgroceries, and other household expenses.
  3. Families can shop in-store or online at participating retailers.
  4. They could place their own orders online, which will maximize their earnings.
  5. Paying with gift cards keeps families safe from credit card fraud.
  6. You support great programs at Aboite such as the ice cream social, glow dance, bingo and much more!

I have attached the instructions on how to set up your own Scrip account or how to add Aboite PTC to your existing Scrip account. You can find more information at:

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you and happy shopping!