Busy Preschoolers

number work

Teachers use the Indiana Early Learning Foundations as guidance for classroom lessons.

color matching

Early academic skills, such as matching colors, are taught in a variety of ways.

reading a book

Students work on their early reading skills by listening to stories read to a group.


Meaningful play is an important part of the preschool day.  Children learn key skills such as following social rules, teamwork, and appropriate expression of emotions.


Weather permitting, our classes play outside daily.

by the slide

Two play areas are available to our preschool students.

lining up

Children learn kindergarten readiness skills.

walking in the hallway

Children practice hallway procedures.


Some students participate in physical therapy to work on gross motor skills.


Students who participate in occupational therapy work on fine motor skills.

speech therapy

Some students participate in speech therapy to work on improving communication skills.  Children can receive speech therapy during their school day if they attend the developmental preschool.  Others receive weekly therapy as a walk-in service.

riding the bus

Some children ride the bus to and from preschool while others are transported by car.